Think outside the box!

Hi all,

I wanted my first tutorial for 2014 to be a low cost idea for the pocket pinching month of January.

Up-cycling is a great way to de-clutter and refresh. It’s cheap but also a small item can go along way!

I came across this brilliant ceramic take away coffee cup in Paperchase the other day (for the bargain price of £5)! I liked it mostly because of the pattern and the packaging… I hope I’m not the only one who keeps packaging thinking ‘oh that’ll be useful material to keep’??

While I had some time this weekend I decided to create something out of this packaging. It’s amazing what you can do when you think outside of the box!


Cloud broach/necklace

What you will need:

– Card (packaging)

– Scissors

– Pen

– Felt

– Glue

– Broach pin/chain



First draw a cloud shape on the back of the card and cut it out.

P1010540Use glue to back it with the felt:


Attach the broach/chain to the back of the cloud. You can sew it to the felt or superglue it:


I was able to make four of these out of one side of the box!



Phrase Garland

Using the same box I made this garland:


You will need:

– The rest of the packaging

– A cutting board

– Stanley knife

– Paint

– Glue

– String

– Patterned tape

– Modpodge (optional)

Cut out six circles from the packaging:




Back the disks with the patterned tape:


Optional add on is to Modpodge the tape so it sticks to the back firmly.

Cut out your phrase letters using the Stanley knife:


Obviously you can use card the colour that you want the garland to be but because I wanted to use the whole box I decided to go the long way round and paint the letters.



Once the paint is dried superglue the words and disks to the string. Then ta da! You have a new piece of decoration!

All of this for less then £10! A little goes a long way.

Hope you enjoyed 🙂











New years resolutions!

Hi all,

So I took a bit of time off over Christmas from the blogging. It was just a bit hetic and with so much going on I didn’t have time to make anything to share with you guys.

I thought I’d come back by jumping on the band wagon of New Years resolutions. I don’t really ‘do’ New Years: the manfriend and I just watched a movie and the London Fireworks on TV then went to sleep! However I do have some things I want to do this year so there is no better place to share than on here, right?

No. 1//

To become a fabulously talented seamstress/dressmaker!


I’ve become increasingly more interested in the art/skill of clothes making and would love to be able to do it, so I’m signing up to learn!

No. 2//

Learn to play the Uke!


I’ve tried many instruments but can’t get to grips with any of them. After being shamed at my work Christmas party when discovering most of my workmates are highly skilled musicians I thought why not give it a go!

No 3//

Do get involved in some craft fairs.


It is the year to get involved and evolve!

I have one more big resolution but it’s all hush hush! There are developments in the works!!

Happy New year to all!

E x

Handmade Clay decorations

Hi all,

I’ve been a bit slack on the blogging front which is terrible seeing as there is so much craftiness to be done at this time of year! I have been busy though and wanted to share some DIY Christmas decoration ideas.

My chosen material is air dry clay and my chosen theme is Scandi Christmas!

Three little stars

Three little stars

I used a cookie cutter to get the shapes. Let them air dry and then painted them white and blue. You can use them on your tree, or hang them as Christmas ornaments.


You can also use them as a garland that is suitable for all year round!


I also made some cute little houses!

This is a really cute and creative way to personalize your Christmas!


I’m opening an Etsy!

Hi all,

Really sorry  it’s been so quiet recently. I’ve been busy busy busy getting everything together for my Etsy shop!

I’ve been toying with ideas on what to with all the stuff I make and one day when I was sitting in a cafe wearing a necklace I’d made the waitress said I should open up an Etsy store! So I am!

A work in progress

A work in progress

Here’s a little taster of things I’ve been doing and what will be for sale when I get my page up and running.



I’ll keep you updated!



Gifts for she and him

Hi all,

Thought I’d lend a helping hand for those who might be having trouble thinking of gifts this Christmas. I always think that jewellery is a great idea for girls as long as it’s not overly fancy or sparkling. Pieces that are inspired by nature are great for all ages and can remain timeless so long as they’re classic and simple.


For her

When it comes to gifts for men it’s almost impossible! Generally they choose things for function; opting for things they need rather than want. I often think that they don’t actually want anything without a point!

I’ve collected a few things I think would make most men happy as they provide function but have form!


For him


I hope this has been a little bit inspiring. Good luck with your gift searching and don’t forget to check out ETSY (this is where the majority of these items are form).


Secret Santa.

Hi all,

I offered to organise the secret Santa in the office I work in and decided to make it a bit more interesting than the usual folded paper with a name scrawled across it.

‘What’s the point?’ you may ask! Well I feel like it was a little project where I could inject some creativity into it… after all Christmas is meant to be magical and charming so why not!

I chose a scroll theme so I started by printing out all the names in a template I found on Google.
P1010458I cut it out and rolled each side round a thin paint brush.

P1010461Once both sides where rolled I used some twine to tie them together…

P1010462…and tied in a lovely little bow.

P1010463To keep the twine in place I sellotaped the back.


See. Cute huh?

P1010468Hope you enjoyed!



Hi all,

Just a quick update this week on prints! Again I’ve been looking around for Christmas ideas and again I’ve stumbled upon some things I’d like for myself!

I’ve been searching through which is a brilliant site. It’s a bit like Etsy: a space where artists, online shops and such can sell their stuff. It’s not as handmade as Etsy but you can personalize things and some things are made to order.

Here are a few prints I’ve found on my searches…


1) Retro Coffee Quote print by of life and lemons – £14.50

2) Personalized Typographic print ‘retro tapes’ by Quoteography – £18

3) Personalized ‘Love’ print by Betsy Benn – £50

4) Liquid conversion wooden plaque by Dibor – £28.

Take a look at the site it’s pretty awesome!

Take care.


Monochrome wish list.

Hi all,

I have been spending a lot of time looking for inspiration and ideas for DIY Christmas gifts. In my searching I accidentally on purpose may have stumbled on some ideas for my own wish list!

Most who know me will not be surprised that most of the list is black and white! I’m a sucker for monochrome (with dashes of mustard, red and the right blue).

Here is my affordable wish list!



The Cushion is £7.99 H&M.

The Rug is £250 Ikea (j’adore!!!)

The Bedding is £29.99 H&M

The Photoframe is $15.99 Papersource (Brilliant shop!)

The Throw is £24.99 H&M (and may have been purchased as a result of this post)

The Garland is &5.99 (or free if you DIY!)


I hope Santa is on WordPress!


Bows, bows, bows!

Hi everyone,

Today I thought I’d show a little tutorial on making felt bows. I’ve thrown in a few different ideas you can do with them once you’ve made it. They are really simple to make and if you’re prepped and ready, really quick too!

So you will need:

  • Felt
  • Cotton thread
  • A needle
  • scissors

The first step is easy. Cut out the following shapes:

Piece A, B and C

Piece A, B and C

Piece A should look like a pair of goggles and should be the biggest.

Piece B should look like crab claws, and piece C should be a long, thin strip.

You can be more accurate but I free handed it because I have no patience!

With piece A you need to fold the ends in on themselves and stitch into place… like so:

Piece A folded

Piece A folded

This makes the main bow shape.

Next stitch it onto piece B.

Piece A and piece B

Piece A and piece B

With piece C wrap it around the middle of pieces A and B, completing your bow. Stitch it at the back to keep it in place.



See it doesn’t matter too much if you free hand it. As long as piece A is the biggest and piece B is long enough to poke out it can’t go wrong!

Now here are a couple of things you can do with them.

A necklace:


All you have to do is stitch some chain to the back of the bow:


You can make Christmas decorations:

To hang on your tree

To hang on your tree

You can make them as big as you like in whatever colour you like:

What will you do with yours?