DIY easy little bracelet…

Good morning! Still getting to grips with this blogging business – did a whole new post and didn’t publish it! So this is take 2!

Right, so, I was having a think about what my next feature should be and I decided to make an easy step by step DIY tutorial on how to make some pretty little bracelets! This will literally take under 30 mins, providing you have the right things.

The right things to have are:ImageSome thin chain, a decorative bead, and a clasp… also you might need to get a pair of pliers involved!

The bead I have is from an old earring and as you can see it already has a hoop that will attach to the chain. If you have a bead that doesn’t have this then you should get some wire from any bead shop, thread it through and hoop at the end (make sure it’s quite sturdy wire or it will come loose).

Step one is really easy! Simply measure the chain so it fits round your wrist. Make sure you incorporate the bead in this bit or the bracelet will be too big! Remember though, you can always adjust things later on.

Step two is simply to attach the bead and the clasp to the chain. This is where the pliers might come in handy!

Hey presto! It’s done!! Image

Really easy!


One thought on “DIY easy little bracelet…

  1. Reblogged this on Me Oh My! and commented:

    Hi all,
    The other day a friend of mine commented on my upcycled bracelets so I thought I’d re-use one of my very first posts. These bracelets are still going strong, so why not try making one for yourself?

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