Cupcake Love!

Hello all. I hope everybody had a lovely day and spread the love! There was certainly lots of displays of it around my home.



I decided to do a little baking on this splendid day! I have a three year nephew who loves cake, so I made these for him… and for you.

So here’s my really, REALLY easy cupcake idea! You will need:

4oz soft margarine

4oz caster sugar

4oz self-raising flour

1tsp baking powder


1/4tsp vanilla extract

red food dye

Just mix altogether and dispense into your cupcake holders.


top tips

– prep: put the oven on and put your cupcake holders on a tray!

– sift the flour to let air in it!

– Put cling film on your scales so the butter doesn’t stick to the sides

I had a bit of trouble with the red food dye, it looked more orange so we just kept putting more in. We used a food paint rather than a liquid dye which could change the structure of the final bake. It came out pretty red, so it was all good!

Cook in pre-heated oven (200c/400f/gas 6) for 15-20 mins.

While they are cooking make some butter icing. You will need:

6oz  icing sugar

4oz butter

Simply mix together!

Decorate as you see fit but wait for the cakes to cool!


Feel loved, and enjoy!


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