Happy Valentines!!!!

Well the day is upon us!!!

I don’t usually ‘do’ valentines, but this year for some reason I was a little more excited about it! I decided to get into the spirit of the day: red hearts and cookies!!!

I started the day off by adding little red hearts to my slightly boyish, very unmanicured nails! Found this little tip on Pinterest but here’s my verison:

ImageSo just get any selection of nail varnish. I went for standard red but you can be as creative as you like.ImageI went for the deep red by Accessorize.

Then I folded a piece of sellotape together (I’m showing with masking tape so you can see it better, but it doesn’t work very well as its not as sticky!) and I cut a little half heart. When I open it back out it’s a whole heart 🙂Image

Then really simple, and easy to do on both hands, just stick it in position on your nails and paint away!



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