DIY shoe box!

Hey all!

So recently my lovely manfriend got his dream job so we’re moving into our own ‘first flat’. We searched a few places and found the perfect abode! It’s a two bedroom with a fitted kitchen and it has everything we need. The second I walked in I could just see how I was going to decorate! It’s ideal because the second bedroom is really small but it’s perfect for all our stuff! I’m going to make it into a spare room/arty cubby hole where I can do my crafts without getting paint on the furniture!

So I have a lot of ‘kipple’* and not alot of storage boxes to put things in. I was looking around for inspiration and came across a DIY storage box idea on my favourite blog: They used paints and collage, but I didn’t have any of that around. I did have an old shoe box and some time on my hands so here’s what I did, enjoy…

One empty old shoe box:Image

A ruler and a pencil: I decided on a black and white chevron design because this is one of my favourite patterns. I measured the zig zag shape out:


I coloured the pattern in with a Sharpie. You could use paint… I just didn’t have any!

I did the same for the whole top of the lid:


I coloured it all in, which took a while but I had the time!


I might cover the bottom of the box in a decorative paper – I haven’t decided yet. But it looks great and much nicer than the plain old original shoe box!

*Oh and ‘Kipple’ comes from my favourite book ‘Do androids dream of electric sheep’ by Philip K. Dick – it means all those random little bits and bobs that seem to accumulate over time.

Hope you enjoyed!


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