Time to play with Superheadz!

Hey all.

So it’s been a few days! I’ve been ‘umming’ and ‘erring’ about what to post next and inspiration hit me yesterday while I was on a walk with my friend. It was such a lovely day: sun shining, crisp air, perfect! I tend to walk around and see great photo opportunities but never have my camera! As so often happens I thought about how nice it would be to capture the beauty of the moment but alas I did not have any tools to do so! Annoying!

I have a small collection of cameras and over the summer favoured my cute Superheadz wide lens. Image

It’s super convenient to carry around as its quite little. People often ask if it’s a disposable camera because it doesn’t look very fancy, but it’s a film camera that cost £20 and is very easy to use: point and shoot! 

So I started this little personal project to capture my summer. I wanted to use a film that would have high colour saturation and feel vibrant yet nostalgic: it’s part of the Lomography family so I went for that look.


 I used a  AgfaPhoto CT Precisa 100 135-36 film which, because of it’s low ISO (100)  needs a lot of light or the quality of the pictures will be decreased. If there’s not enough light, they’ll be too dark or grainy.

So here are some of my favourite shots of my summer: which, by the way, was awesome!


They came out a bit darker than I’d of liked and the lens wasn’t as wide as I was expecting, but none the less I love the results!

Oh and that’s my old uniform by the way, I wouldn’t choose to wear that for recreational use!

Hope you enjoyed!


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