Home sweet Home

Hi all.

Haven’t had much chance to post much lately what with still being in a state of moving home and all. Yep! Still camping out in the living room! Have a few bits of furniture so it’s all slowly coming together.

Anyway to add to the list of things to do it’s my mum’s birthday tomorrow. I make it sound like it’s her fault that it’s her birthday, obviously I don’t mean it like that but I had to think about what to get her on top of everything else.

Now, I don’t know how many of you stress about the ‘mother’s birthday gift’… a fragile concept that if wrong can be fatal: she’ll never let you forget it! So I always try to take notice of the things she says and match gifts to her own ideas, but it’s a subtle art to try not to probe her for suggestions: you mustn’t let on that you’ve got the idea from her herself! It must be a surprise!

So this year I have logged this: framed map hearts, a cooker head and bird feeders. So seeing as I can’t fashion a cooker head and she has bird feeders coming out of her ears, the framed hearts seemed to be the best choice.

While looking through inspirational ideas (no way was I going to pay £70 for a mapped heart that cost so little to make) I stumbled across this: Bespoke House Sketch

A bespoke line drawing of your home. Easy! I could totally do that! So I did.

I took a screen grab of my family home from Google street map. Then did a basic line drawing of it:

Really simply I transferred it into Photoshop and added blocks of colour to make it look like this:Image

I popped it in an IKEA frame and ‘ta dah!’


£6 in total! Bargain!!!

Oh and I also refuse to buy cards… may have ranted about this before, but cards are a total waste of money. It’s so easy, and much more personal, to make them!

So with the heart maps in mind I threw this together:


Literally took minutes and cost nothing!

Hope you enjoyed.


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