My heart hangs…

Hello all,

Ahh spring is finally upon us: the sun is shining and the time to sit in a pub garden and drink cider outdoors are upon us. Lovely!

Needless to say it has been busy times and I have slightly (but not completely) neglected this little blog. I have been crafting and putting my new home together so I’ve lots to show and tell! Firstly I wanted to show the things I’ve been doing for a craft stall my Mum is setting up (at Worthing observatory in case anyone is interested!). I’ve been busy with maps and felt and such. I have so many ideas brewing that I’ve had to make a list!

So in my previous post I mentioned looking into framed map hearts costing up to £70. I took it upon myself to amend this ridiculous price to the cost of a home printed heart and blank card. Really simple: find a picture of an OS map, pop it in Photoshop (or print it out and make a good old fashioned cut out) and make it into a heart. I added a black boarder around the edge to make it pop a bit.


(Sorry for the poor quality picture)

I used double sided tape to back the heart with card for structure, then added felt to cover the string. I think it’s really on trend and you can make it with any town so it’ more personal to you.

I had a few hearts left over so made a few cards. I wanted to add some red felt to frame it but ended up using Photoshop to add the red border because I have other ideas for the amount of felt I have.


Anyway lot’s more ideas coming so keep you’re eyes open!


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