Have a gold star

Hi all. This is my nephew. He is awe.some! He is cheeky and full of energy. A lot of that energy goes into getting up to mischievous things like drawing on walls and throwing food… while amusing this behaviour isn’t really something that can be condoned. So I was ‘commissioned’ to make a behaviour chart […]

Up-cycle toothbrush holder

Hey all! Had a little bit of time on my hands this weekend to show you guys some of the bits I’ve been doing to make my new abode purdy! It seems small but one thing that’s been driving me mad is the cheap toothbrush holder that doesn’t go with anything in my bathroom! I […]

Everything handwritten

Hi all, I find inspiration in a lot of things for the things I make. My main motivation is a bit of a stingy one where I refuse to except the cost of things and believe I can make something similar or inspired by for a fraction of the cost. However I am also motivated […]

Apple coasters

Hi all, So yet again I’ve been a bit neglectful updating this but have lots to show! I’ve been really busy making lots of little bits and bobs for the stall my mum had. I mainly worked with felt and created little things I thought would be cute yet have commercial appeal too. These were […]