Apple coasters

Hi all,

So yet again I’ve been a bit neglectful updating this but have lots to show!

I’ve been really busy making lots of little bits and bobs for the stall my mum had.

I mainly worked with felt and created little things I thought would be cute yet have commercial appeal too.

These were my favourite little bits I made:


They were really easy to make. All you need is felt; red, green, white and black.  Thread to match. And that’s it!

Be organised and get all the parts cut out first. You need:

2x red or green apple shaped pieces,

1x smaller white apple shaped piece,

4x black tear-drop shapes for pips,

1x black stalk.

1) Use a template to cut out the red felt apple.


Make two red cut outs (front and back).


2) Use a smaller template to cut out an apple shape in your white felt.



3) Pin in place and neatly hand sew the white apple shape to the red apple shape.

4) Sew your black seeds into the middle of the two felt pieces.


5) Pin the stalk in place and sew.Image

6) Finally neatly sew the back piece on to complete the coaster.Image

And ta da. Easy as… apple pie?!


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