Have a gold star

Hi all.

This is my nephew. He is awe.some!


He is cheeky and full of energy. A lot of that energy goes into getting up to mischievous things like drawing on walls and throwing food… while amusing this behaviour isn’t really something that can be condoned. So I was ‘commissioned’ to make a behaviour chart for him to try and curb his cheeky ways!

It was a bigger task than any other my previous DIY’s so I started by sketching out what I wanted:

ImageI wanted to do a simple, bold, 7 day, instant reward system which would be interactive so he could put the stars on. I wanted to include an aspect to it where he could register his day to day routine. I believe that if a child has a routine and understands where they stand they will be much calmer.

For this I gathered the materials I needed:


  • Blue material for the main bulk of the chart.
  • Red, yellow and green felt for the letters, names and stars.

In addition to this I also used Velcro strips (so the letters, names and stars could attach easily).

Firstly I made 7 equal pockets. I wanted pockets so they could hold the instant reward of chocolate buttons:



I neatly hand stitched around off the seams to achieve the final 7 pocket base:


I went on to add the initial of each day to each of the 7 pockets:


I made the stars with the yellow felt and Velcro was added to the back so they could be easily stuck on:


On top of that I printed out his routine and backed the words with felt and Velcro. This way he could be involved in learning his routine by sticking it on himself:


The result:


In addition I was asked to add faces to establish how my nephews behaviour made other people feel. As you can see above we had happy and sad faces… today was a sad day (nobody likes a biter!)

It’s working pretty well! We went for lunch the other day and he ate with his fork the whole time and only threw one cup of water over the table! Hehe!

Hope you enjoyed. Let me know if anything was confusing or ill explained.


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