A spot of drawing.

Hi all,

A little bit of something different now. As promised I’m going to show you all the little things I’ve made to desecrate my home. 

I had a day all to myself and just decided to start drawing. I’m not the most gifted drawer, which was mentioned to me at an interview for art college (got into all four I applied to thank you very much). I tend to think in outlines, forgetting about tones and shading and all that! However I don’t believe you need to have fine art skills to make great drawings. 

Anyway I’m not comparing myself to great artists but here are a few I’ve been doing:





I use the method of finding a picture in a magazine, copying elements but always putting my own stamp on it. I then pop it into Photoshop and block colouring it.

It’s great to store up pictures and you can use them for cards or for frame them to decorate… like I have! 





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