Beard love…

Hi all,

I’ve been browsing a lot recently and I’ve come across some really simple yet brilliant illustrations. Quite often the more basic the drawing the better the image! It’s something to really aspire to and often I’m left thinking, ‘I could of drawn that’. It’s getting the ideas that is the hard part.

Sometimes however inspiration is staring you in the face. So while my other half was consumed in a marathon run of GTA (bain of my life), I drew him. He’s quite an interesting subject matter:


My interest in beards isn’t a new thing; I’ve always liked them. They make for really great subject matter! Here are some brilliant illustrations I’ve come across on my lurking travels:



2/ Is from a really talented lady called Ashley Goldberg:

3/ Great illustration from Whimsy:


There is a certain similarity between all these illustrations. I am drawn to the quirky, fine line, bold, block colour’s of them. I also love hair! I think it’s so impressive how people draw hair and it’s something I always aspire to achieve!


These images, collected on pinterest, have really helped direct a style form from my own drawings:





Hope you enjoyed!



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