DIY mapheart art

Hi all,

I made these a little while ago when I was trying to find wedding presents, which as many of you may know is no mean feat. Things are pretty pricey.

While on my quest I frequently stumbled upon map hearts in frames, not a new idea but it was something I felt would not only make a lovely modern gift but also a personal one. As is in my nature I thought, ‘I can make that for a fraction of the price’ (most prices coming in at about £35-£40!)

So here’s a tutorial on how you can make a DIY map heart frame; perfect for any type of occasional present.

You will need:


  • A square frame. I got mine from my local art suppliers for £7.20.
  • A square mount. Again I got this from my local art suppliers (they had to make it) for £3.
  • Your map heart. You can design this on Photoshop like I did or you can just cut a heart out of a map!
  • White card
  • Scissors
  • All important double sided tape!

From here it’s really simple. (If you’d like me to show you how I did my map heart design please let me know and I’ll do a post about it.)

1. 20130810140226405

Stick the double sided tape to the back of the heart’s edges before you cut it out.



After you’ve cut the heart out the sticky tape will be flush against the edge so peel it and stick in on the white card.


Cut the white card big enough so it’ll fit into the negative space of the mount. Don’t make it too big so it overlaps the mount and definitely don’t cut it too small or the mount won’t fit!

Once this is done stick small pieces of double sided tape under each corner.



Stick the mount down. If you’ve got edges of tape poking out just cut them away.

5. 20130810141419922

Simply pop it into the frame and voilà! Easy ay?

A little tip that I’d suggest since making this:

  • Mount the heart onto some foam board. You can get this from any art suppliers.
  • Make sure you use think white card so it doesn’t pucker.

In total it came to less than £15.

All comments and suggestions welcome. Hope you enjoyed!



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