Esty finds

Hi all,

Recently I’ve been drawing inspiration from what started out as a simple drawing of my boyfriend playing GTA (see beard love post). I went on to start designing and making my ‘bearded men’ felt pins and magnets:

1391492_10153334515675725_51902166_n* Post pending on these!

Then my idea developed into the desire to  make these faces into dolls! I really like quirky dolls that are unique and creative so I went to Esty to see if there were any bearded dolls out there.

I’d like to share with you what I found.

My number one favorite bearded dolls are from a designer called ‘BlueRaspberryDesigns’. She hand-makes Hipster dolls; each with an individual painted on face and unique tattoos.




Each doll ranges from $60-$85 and are amazing!

My second brilliant find are from ‘TIMOHANDMADE’. There is a similar style to the above dolls but instead of drawing there is a use of hand stitching and applique. Timohandmade does a selection of dolls based on family:




These dolls rage from $40 +

The last find uses ‘carefully selected upcycled vintage textile’ and an embroidery technique to create these cute fabric dolls. By a designer called ‘Fulana Beltrana Sicrana’.


These dolls range from $56.I think I feel my next DIY project coming on…x


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