Owl Gypsy

Hi all,

Today I want to share with you my pretty new black and white chevron throw. I have a bit of an obsession with black and white chevrons and dream of having a living room that would draw inspiration from interiors like these:




I’m not sure what kind of style this is, maybe modern retro?

Anyway I asked my sister to get me a chevron throw for my sofa and decided to search through Etsy to find it: I ended up choosing one from Owl Gypsy, who specialise in handmade baby blankets!



I decided to go for the baby blanket for a few reasons: 1) my living room is freezing so I actually use the throw to keep me warm; I thought the baby blanket would be really soft and warm! 2) It was more affordable!

So it arrived the other morning!


It had a little extra package and was wrapped very thoughtfully with reusable ribbon and a personal note hoping that my little one enjoys their new blanket. Hehe oh well! We never really grow up anyway right?!



It’s flawlessly made with such a soft under side. The little package was a burp cloth that I might make into a camera bag.


Thanks to Owl Gypsy and my sister for this new addition to my living room that is now one step closer to my dream living room… next on the list is heating!




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