Secret Santa.

Hi all,

I offered to organise the secret Santa in the office I work in and decided to make it a bit more interesting than the usual folded paper with a name scrawled across it.

‘What’s the point?’ you may ask! Well I feel like it was a little project where I could inject some creativity into it… after all Christmas is meant to be magical and charming so why not!

I chose a scroll theme so I started by printing out all the names in a template I found on Google.
P1010458I cut it out and rolled each side round a thin paint brush.

P1010461Once both sides where rolled I used some twine to tie them together…

P1010462…and tied in a lovely little bow.

P1010463To keep the twine in place I sellotaped the back.


See. Cute huh?

P1010468Hope you enjoyed!



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