New years resolutions!

Hi all,

So I took a bit of time off over Christmas from the blogging. It was just a bit hetic and with so much going on I didn’t have time to make anything to share with you guys.

I thought I’d come back by jumping on the band wagon of New Years resolutions. I don’t really ‘do’ New Years: the manfriend and I just watched a movie and the London Fireworks on TV then went to sleep! However I do have some things I want to do this year so there is no better place to share than on here, right?

No. 1//

To become a fabulously talented seamstress/dressmaker!


I’ve become increasingly more interested in the art/skill of clothes making and would love to be able to do it, so I’m signing up to learn!

No. 2//

Learn to play the Uke!


I’ve tried many instruments but can’t get to grips with any of them. After being shamed at my work Christmas party when discovering most of my workmates are highly skilled musicians I thought why not give it a go!

No 3//

Do get involved in some craft fairs.


It is the year to get involved and evolve!

I have one more big resolution but it’s all hush hush! There are developments in the works!!

Happy New year to all!

E x


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