Think outside the box!

Hi all, I wanted my first tutorial for 2014 to be a low cost idea for the pocket pinching month of January. Up-cycling is a great way to de-clutter and refresh. It’s cheap but also a small item can go along way! I came across this brilliant ceramic take away coffee cup in Paperchase the […]

Up-cycle toothbrush holder

Hey all! Had a little bit of time on my hands this weekend to show you guys some of the bits I’ve been doing to make my new abode purdy! It seems small but one thing that’s been driving me mad is the cheap toothbrush holder that doesn’t go with anything in my bathroom! I […]

Apple coasters

Hi all, So yet again I’ve been a bit neglectful updating this but have lots to show! I’ve been really busy making lots of little bits and bobs for the stall my mum had. I mainly worked with felt and created little things I thought would be cute yet have commercial appeal too. These were […]

My heart hangs…

Hello all, Ahh spring is finally upon us: the sun is shining and the time to sit in a pub garden and drink cider outdoors are upon us. Lovely! Needless to say it has been busy times and I have slightly (but not completely) neglected this little blog. I have been crafting and putting my […]

Home sweet Home

Hi all. Haven’t had much chance to post much lately what with still being in a state of moving home and all. Yep! Still camping out in the living room! Have a few bits of furniture so it’s all slowly coming together. Anyway to add to the list of things to do it’s my mum’s […]

DIY shoe box!

Hey all! So recently my lovely manfriend got his dream job so we’re moving into our own ‘first flat’. We searched a few places and found the perfect abode! It’s a two bedroom with a fitted kitchen and it has everything we need. The second I walked in I could just see how I was […]