Think outside the box!

Hi all, I wanted my first tutorial for 2014 to be a low cost idea for the pocket pinching month of January. Up-cycling is a great way to de-clutter and refresh. It’s cheap but also a small item can go along way! I came across this brilliant ceramic take away coffee cup in Paperchase the […]

Esty finds

Hi all, Recently I’ve been drawing inspiration from what started out as a simple drawing of my boyfriend playing GTA (see beard love post). I went on to start designing and making my ‘bearded men’ felt pins and magnets: * Post pending on these! Then my idea developed into the desire to¬† make these faces […]

Star Garland

Hi all, Quick update today. One thing I like to do is personalise birthday presents so I put a lot of effort into gift wrapping. This is a little tutorial on how to make your own star garland. You will need: some material, I used felt Scissors Cotton, matching the colour of your material String. […]

DIY Gift Tags

Hey all, It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Ha, yes I said it; the forbidden word! Well there are no snow laden rolling hills or cold crispy nights snuggled under a blanket with hot chocolate but there is a looming Christmas market! Myself and a good friend are preparing for our completely handmade, […]

Have a gold star

Hi all. This is my nephew. He is awe.some! He is cheeky and full of energy. A lot of that energy goes into getting up to mischievous things like drawing on walls and throwing food… while amusing this behaviour isn’t really something that can be condoned. So I was ‘commissioned’ to make a behaviour chart […]

Up-cycle toothbrush holder

Hey all! Had a little bit of time on my hands this weekend to show you guys some of the bits I’ve been doing to make my new abode purdy! It seems small but one thing that’s been driving me mad is the cheap toothbrush holder that doesn’t go with anything in my bathroom! I […]