Felt Folk

Hi all,

I previously posted an image of my bearded felt folk and since then I’ve been busy busy busy!

These are my Felt Folks. They are magnets and broaches which I’m considering putting up for sale.

Let me know what you think.





whiteHope you enjoyed.




Owl Gypsy

Hi all,

Today I want to share with you my pretty new black and white chevron throw. I have a bit of an obsession with black and white chevrons and dream of having a living room that would draw inspiration from interiors like these:




I’m not sure what kind of style this is, maybe modern retro?

Anyway I asked my sister to get me a chevron throw for my sofa and decided to search through Etsy to find it: I ended up choosing one from Owl Gypsy, who specialise in handmade baby blankets!



I decided to go for the baby blanket for a few reasons: 1) my living room is freezing so I actually use the throw to keep me warm; I thought the baby blanket would be really soft and warm! 2) It was more affordable!

So it arrived the other morning!


It had a little extra package and was wrapped very thoughtfully with reusable ribbon and a personal note hoping that my little one enjoys their new blanket. Hehe oh well! We never really grow up anyway right?!



It’s flawlessly made with such a soft under side. The little package was a burp cloth that I might make into a camera bag.


Thanks to Owl Gypsy and my sister for this new addition to my living room that is now one step closer to my dream living room… next on the list is heating!



Esty finds

Hi all,

Recently I’ve been drawing inspiration from what started out as a simple drawing of my boyfriend playing GTA (see beard love post). I went on to start designing and making my ‘bearded men’ felt pins and magnets:

1391492_10153334515675725_51902166_n* Post pending on these!

Then my idea developed into the desire to  make these faces into dolls! I really like quirky dolls that are unique and creative so I went to Esty to see if there were any bearded dolls out there.

I’d like to share with you what I found.

My number one favorite bearded dolls are from a designer called ‘BlueRaspberryDesigns’. She hand-makes Hipster dolls; each with an individual painted on face and unique tattoos.




Each doll ranges from $60-$85 and are amazing!

My second brilliant find are from ‘TIMOHANDMADE’. There is a similar style to the above dolls but instead of drawing there is a use of hand stitching and applique. Timohandmade does a selection of dolls based on family:





These dolls rage from $40 +

The last find uses ‘carefully selected upcycled vintage textile’ and an embroidery technique to create these cute fabric dolls. By a designer called ‘Fulana Beltrana Sicrana’.



These dolls range from $56.I think I feel my next DIY project coming on…x

Glass Magnets

New post for meohmycrafts.


Hi all,

Here’s a really quick, easy and pretty gift: glass pebble magnets. Not a new concept but a really nice little idea for a cute gift.

Here’s how you do it and what you need:


-Some glass pebbles

-Paper of your choice


-Small magnets


So one at a time Superglue the back of the glass pebbles and glue them to the paper.



Let them dry and cut them out.


Then simply Superglue the magnets to the back of each one!



A really easy DIY project that you can do in minutes!


Hope you enjoyed!


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Star Garland

Hi all,

Quick update today.

One thing I like to do is personalise birthday presents so I put a lot of effort into gift wrapping.

This is a little tutorial on how to make your own star garland.

You will need:

  • some material, I used felt
  • Scissors
  • Cotton, matching the colour of your material
  • String.


Cut stars out of your material. I made 5 stars.

20130821195930451Sew the stars onto your string:



Make it look neat at the back.


Sew all the stars equally apart on your string and that’s it!


Now I’m off to continue to enjoy my lazy Sunday!


DIY mapheart art

Hi all,

I made these a little while ago when I was trying to find wedding presents, which as many of you may know is no mean feat. Things are pretty pricey.

While on my quest I frequently stumbled upon map hearts in frames, not a new idea but it was something I felt would not only make a lovely modern gift but also a personal one. As is in my nature I thought, ‘I can make that for a fraction of the price’ (most prices coming in at about £35-£40!)

So here’s a tutorial on how you can make a DIY map heart frame; perfect for any type of occasional present.

You will need:


  • A square frame. I got mine from my local art suppliers for £7.20.
  • A square mount. Again I got this from my local art suppliers (they had to make it) for £3.
  • Your map heart. You can design this on Photoshop like I did or you can just cut a heart out of a map!
  • White card
  • Scissors
  • All important double sided tape!

From here it’s really simple. (If you’d like me to show you how I did my map heart design please let me know and I’ll do a post about it.)

1. 20130810140226405

Stick the double sided tape to the back of the heart’s edges before you cut it out.



After you’ve cut the heart out the sticky tape will be flush against the edge so peel it and stick in on the white card.


Cut the white card big enough so it’ll fit into the negative space of the mount. Don’t make it too big so it overlaps the mount and definitely don’t cut it too small or the mount won’t fit!

Once this is done stick small pieces of double sided tape under each corner.



Stick the mount down. If you’ve got edges of tape poking out just cut them away.

5. 20130810141419922

Simply pop it into the frame and voilà! Easy ay?

A little tip that I’d suggest since making this:

  • Mount the heart onto some foam board. You can get this from any art suppliers.
  • Make sure you use think white card so it doesn’t pucker.

In total it came to less than £15.

All comments and suggestions welcome. Hope you enjoyed!


Early birthday present…

Hi all,

Bit of a different post today because something VERY exciting just happened!

A little background: next week is my birthday but we’re in NEW YORK! So the man-friend decided to give me my birthday present a little early…

…a little bit more background: I absolutely love Zooey Deschanel. I love her style; I love her films; I love New Girl and I love She & Him. Unfortunately She & Him records are fairly expensive over here so I’ve been keeping my eyes open for a bargain on their vinyl.

Luckily I have a pretty cool bofo who has picked up on the subtle hints and tada!!


All three Volumes, 2 limited additions and all with digital downloads! (Sorry for the poor picture).

They’re so pretty!

I’m a very lucky lady.


Beard love…

Hi all,

I’ve been browsing a lot recently and I’ve come across some really simple yet brilliant illustrations. Quite often the more basic the drawing the better the image! It’s something to really aspire to and often I’m left thinking, ‘I could of drawn that’. It’s getting the ideas that is the hard part.

Sometimes however inspiration is staring you in the face. So while my other half was consumed in a marathon run of GTA (bain of my life), I drew him. He’s quite an interesting subject matter:


My interest in beards isn’t a new thing; I’ve always liked them. They make for really great subject matter! Here are some brilliant illustrations I’ve come across on my lurking travels:


1/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/puntobipolar/5588099463/

2/ Is from a really talented lady called Ashley Goldberg: http://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/ashleyg?ref=exp_listing

3/ Great illustration from Whimsy: http://boyswithbanjos.com/

4/ http://www.pinterest.com/srta_rous/draw/

There is a certain similarity between all these illustrations. I am drawn to the quirky, fine line, bold, block colour’s of them. I also love hair! I think it’s so impressive how people draw hair and it’s something I always aspire to achieve!


These images, collected on pinterest, have really helped direct a style form from my own drawings:





Hope you enjoyed!


Get motivated!

Hi all,

I know, I know. I’ve been slack. I have no excuses! I have been a terrible blogger!

I have decided I need to dedicate much more time to this as I’ve been lurking at other creative blogs; all of which are fantastic. Something to aspire to for sure!

I suppose though that in an abyss of creative talent I have felt a little lackluster and have found it hard to be motivated to make things.

So I decided to get motivated!

I remember a phrase my friend and I used to say to each other while we slaved away waiting tables… so I cooked up a really simple design to look at when I’m feeling rubbish!


We used to have to wear blue shirts that had a red logo so I simply used this as inspiration for a colour pallet.

I’m going to print this off and put it in a little frame so that next time I’m feeling demotivated I will get on and ‘do something!’